Sunday, November 21, 2010

More about Shutterfly...

Shutterfly has so many options for making cards.  It's a great place to make your holiday cards! 

Love this one!


I really like the layout of this design with the graphic swirl and the block of red.  The font is classy yet fun!  it lets the viewer of the holiday card focus on the photograph of the family yet the holiday message is not lost.  Very different from other cards I've seen this season.

Some items over the years:
unknown.jpgThis was our first holiday card.  It featured out boston terrier Elvis.  You should have seen him trying to sit still in his Santa hat! I was able to find a card on Shutterfly that had the same theme with holiday dogs! Loved how it had the holiday colors of red and green!
unknown.jpgWhen Maddy was born we made her a book of her first weeks.  The story was about the day she was born and some photos of her first weeks.  It was a great way to capture those first memories of her arrive in a format we could one day share with Madelyn.

Here's some links to make yours:

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  1. Thank you from Vanilla Print. We so love your holiday card choice!!!